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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Polio Eradication in India | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Polio Eradication in India | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Automated Atlas-Based Segmentation of Brain Structures in MR Images: Application to a Population-Based Imaging Study Lijn, F. van der 2010-09-08 Doctoral Thesis

The final type of segmentationmethod is atlas-based segmentation (sometimes also called label propagation). In this approach, additional knowledge is introduced through an atlas image, in which an expert has labeled the brain structures of interest. The atlas is first registered to the target image, and the resulting transformation is then used to deform the atlas labels to the coordinate system of the target image. During registration the similarity between the warped atlas image and the target image is maximized, while at the same time the deformation is constrained to ensure that the spatial information of the atlas is maintained. 

Malformations of the Human Cerebral Cortex: patetrns and causes Wit, M.C.Y. de 2010-09-10 Doctoral Thesis Neurology

Malformations of cortical development (MCD) are a group of disorders characterized by a congenital abnormal structure of the cerebral cortex. In general, malformations are defined as structural abnormalities caused by a disturbance in cell organization or function within a tissue type. When a disturbance results in an abnormal structure of the cerebral cortex we call this: malformations of cortical development. MCD are heterogeneous as a group, as they include several different structural abnormalities, and they have a diverse array of causes, both genetic and environmental.