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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Prostate Cancer Screening : The effect on prostate cancer mortality and incidence Leeuwen, P.J. van 2012-05-16 Doctoral Thesis

At first glance, deciding whether to get the PSA screening test for prostate cancer seems to be pretty straightforward and attractive. It’s a simple blood test that can pick up the prostate cancer long before your symptoms appear. After all, your prostate cancer is earlier treated resulting in cure and better outcome. Therefore prostate cancer screening seems to be suitable for public commercials. However, many of the cancers that will be detected by screening are so slow-growing that might never cause problems during mens life. Moreover, their diagnosis by biopsy, and treatment, might be worse than the disease itself. Therefore, prostate cancer screening looks favourable; however, watch out for the prostate cancer bomb. 

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